Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pressure on my head

By right I was supposed to update my blog last night. But when I get to the lab, it was already too late so I've decided to start doing my editing instead. And oh gosh I stayed there until 4 in the morning but it is still yet to be done! I really wish I can finish it on time, I am so worried now as I don't really have enough shots. What a fail director! And my proposal for Comm&Org, urgghhh!

By the way, a friend of mine just came down from Melbourne and will stay here till Tuesday. Since she and her friend hosted me when I went over to Melbourne, I should be doing the same. But assignments are all on top of my head now, pressuring me, feeling so tired and restless!

Gonna go to the beach tonight. Hopefully can come back early and start doing my editing! And probably think of something for my proposal?

Good afternoon peeps! Guess might have another post tonight, otherwise shall wait for the day after. See ya!

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