Friday, September 10, 2010

Grumpy day

Gah! I realized today the whole day I've been quite grumpy. It seems like everything annoys me easily, so especially when people are pulling some lame jokes on me, and act stupidly, or blur, I felt annoyed. So sorry if I really did offend anyone today.

I guess what I really need now is 'more rest', but it seems that the word 'rest' is quite far away from me at the moment. Seeing that Drama Production work is still waiting for me, topic of my 3k words Comm&Org research paper is still on pending, and another 1.5k words review or some sort for Light, Space and Sound... I don't even dare thinking about it.

Anyway, today is my second day of blogging after I changed my layout. See how long I can stay updating till the next 'abandon' moment!

Get ready to edit my Drama Production work now! Take care peeps!

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