Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm giving an excuse!

And so I've been missing in action for a few days. The reason being I was too busy lately, I don't even have enough time to sleep. Last Saturday, a friend of mine came to Adelaide from Melbourne for vacation. Seeing that she hosted me during my stay in Melbourne a few months back and I've promised that I'll be happy to do the same when she come over, I've to do according to my promises right?

But at the same time, I wasn't aware that I was having lots of assignments to do during that weekends. And a production assignment to due on Tuesday. So what I did was, I bring her around during the day, and do my work at night. And I ended up staying until 3 to 4 in the morning almost every night! I even stayed up throughout the night on Monday as I have some documentation to do.

So, this is my excuse for not being able to come in. Not a good one, I know. But at least I am updating now right?

My production, not that great, but I might be uploading to the net soon. Youtube or Facebook, probably will put in my blog under the right corner. Comment if you like =D

Now, I am re-saving my production again. I need to make sure it works on my laptop this time. And hopefully it will, otherwise I'll feel wasted. Who knows I can use it as part of my portfolio? Even though it's not really that nice. But at least I've done something right?

Oh! It's almost done!! Wooo!

Take care peeps!

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