Monday, October 25, 2010


Nope, no one has been kidnapped but what I want to do here is to share about my Drama Production assignment 1 - a 3 minute narrative piece which I've named it 'Kidnap'.

I know I've had already share it with you guys in the entry Another Short Update! but that was quite a brief entry about this assignment. This time, I'm gonna include a poster I made for this assignment and also the bloopers during the production.

Alright, so basically this 3-minute-narrative-piece is about a university student who had been kidnapped, tried to escape from the so-called abandon house but came across with quite a number of obstacles (not a lot though). The ending of the production is not shown and it's all up to you guys to think - if he managed to escape or not.

This is an individual assignment but we were placed into a group of 3 - to assist each other's production. As we had forgotten to check our setting, it was all recorded in full HD, so meaning we have a higher quality of image and also mean we need more time to render our videos during the editing.

I know my production isn't that great as compared to those who are really good at it, but I'm happy for my assignment - for now, as I know I've tried my best to do everything I could. However, I hope I can be better in the future, at least I know some of my classmates can do a very good job, and some are just like mine.

Do give comments on the shots and production but not the actors' acting skills. They are not professional actors and I know, acting skills do affect the whole production sometimes. However, I appreciate their help and I don't wanna comment about it.

So here is a video of the bloopers. Mistakes has been done and some are quite funny so I thought it would be nice to share it around with all of you!

Enjoy watching and have a great day peeps!

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