Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Day

Kinda rare seeing I have such jolly title in my blog. But what can do? I am really happy today, so I shall jot this very moment down before my happy mood goes to some other places.

Well, as you can see, there are a set of computer accessories placed randomly in front of a white wall, and if you see clearly, you will notice there is also a black laptop bag on the right. So guess what? What you think might make me so happy?

Yeap, you are right! My parents finally got me a LAPTOP!!! Damn happy can! 

Went to Digital Mall in PJ this evening, and straight away from the first shop we entered, I've chosen this very laptop (a Compaq CQ40-401AU), which I think he has this fate with me, otherwise I won't be buying him right?

Such cool outlook, I think this fella will be with me for quite some time. I believe if I am going to Adelaide next year, he will be my best-est friend ever who will accompany me no matter I am happy or sad. Happy happy indeed!

Sorry, no pictures available at the moment, but don't worry, since this fella will be following me for a long long time, you will eventually meet him one day. I promise.

This baby of mine, cost almost RM 3k. Of course, I will not be able to purchase it without the help of my parents, so I will really take care of him. Will pat him when he's sad, will tell him bed time story before he goes to sleep, and...

ENOUGH. Just because I got a laptop, am happy with it, and wanted to take care of it, doesn't mean that I will act that way. Haha!

Phew~ My headache kinda went off already. Earlier was seriously painful when i was at my grandmother's house. I even look kinda death while purchasing the laptop.

Anyways, the other thing that bringing me my jolly mood is because of what happened this morning.

As usual, after the club meeting, those members will go for lunch together. Since dad had just came back from China yesterday, he will be home and can send my sister to her Japanese class. So instead of rushing home, I join the fellas for lunch and later on tried something I never tried before. Guess what?

I played Left 4 Dead in Blitzone (a cyber cafe) at Damansara Jaya with them! This is the first time I stayed in a cyber cafe for more than an hour playing games! I am not suppose to do that for your information, if my parents caught me there, I'm doomed!

But since this is not like those old school kind of cyber care, which is dark and smokie, as in the whole environment filled with second hand smoke, I guess it's alright to go in once a while with your friends to play some game, with the main reason to distress and to entertain yourself.

Gord, I am looking for such lame excuses for myself!

p.s. For those who keep asking me to cut my long ugly fingernails, tell you a good news, it's short now! Hahahaha~

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Ban said...

Wow. Someone's having a good day it seems. And I'm glad. :)