Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Future Plan [Part 1]

I got an e-mail from UniSA yesterday stating that they've received my application forms after a month sending it. I filled up my application form on the first week of July and had Ms Sophia to assist me in sending the form over to Adelaide. Apparently it takes them a month time to get it, and to send me an e-mail saying that they had received it. However, I am happy since they got it and all I have to do now is to wait for the confirmation letter! Cool!

Let's see, if I am studying in UniSA next years, it means I won't be moving to the new lakeside campus of Taylor's. It's bad! I wish I can be part of them who are moving over. Mom said I would get a car if I continue pursuing my studies in Malaysia, or they might use the money they kept for my education purpose to buy (or to pay part of it) the house opposite us (since the owner is selling it off).

But no. Some scarifies need to be done if I want to study over there. Indeed I will have friends here to help me through my assignments and I might get myself a new car, but I really wish I can study overseas. I don't mind to get my own car in the future, I want to leave this environment for now. And I've been wanting to stay alone all the time, this is my golden opportunity!

Assume that I got accepted and I will be studying a year over there, graduate there. What next? Perhaps I can try my best to look for a job over there? Mom told me I can stay there and never come back, haha! But of course this will never happen unless I am so lucky to get a PR. Does it means I will loose my Malaysian citizenship? I am still not quite sure about this.

Possibility 1 after gradating from UniSA, Adelaide: I found a job, I will be working there and see how good I am and how long I can stay there. Perhaps I can really get myself a PR and stay there forever? Buy myself a house (I've always wanting to get myself a house and decorate it my way to make it as comfortable as possible), and start becoming successful?

Possibility 2 after gradating from UniSA, Adelaide: I can't find any job, then Malaysia here I come! Back in Malaysia, I will have a few thoughts, go for an interview or look for job or enjoy life or continue studying.

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So what next? Shall continue next entry, since I find the entry quite long if I post everything today.

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我要很任性地说不要,不要,不要去!留下来,留下来,我们一起去lakeside campus上课!我们一起毕业啦!一起丢四方帽!



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Joe said...

FYI.. you wont lose ur msian citizenship if you take out australian PR.