Sunday, August 9, 2009

My weekends with the Fab 5

Gheez, it's indeed nice and refreshing bathing with cold water after coming back from outside, the sun and its heat is seriously killing me man!

I've just got back from Wil and Mindy's convocation at MCA, it was really hot out there and I pity those students in their academic dress because they were wearing it on top of their formal coat, and they were standing under the hot sun outside of MCA taking pictures, sharing their joy with their family, friends and their photographer.

For me, I would like to see snow during my convocation. I hate hot weather!!! And for sure I will sweat a lot if I were them, just imagine I can even sweat in the air cond room.

Anyways, CONGRATULATION to both you MINDY and WIL!

I had a slumber night party with 3 Malaysian girls and 1 Japanese girl on Friday. Yi Lin came back from Thailand, June came back from Finland while her YE, Hanako (unsure about the spelling) reached on the 5th August and we all gathered at Sabrina's place.

I was late due to some work left in college, but we still managed to arrive before 8pm. They were quite angry though as the plan was suppose to start at 7pm, or at least dinner time.

However, this time, I was not allowed to sleep with them, instead I slept outside the room, on the couch outside. It's still okay though as we only slept at around 4.30am and need to wake up at 7am.

This is basically how I spent my Friday night and my weekends. I have not touch my books yet, need to read up on some notes... Hope I will touch some of it tonight.

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