Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too much of Final Destination

I always have this wild imagination running through my head, a lot of "what if..." pops in whenever I look at or concentrate on something sharp, moving, big, large, dangerous... I always thinks that I might die in a horrific way and that's it.

For instance, when i am sitting in the KTM station, and I see the KTM coming from far, and the longer I stares at it, the faster the imagination goes. It approaches, something happened to jam the railway and suddenly the KTM ran out of it railway and move towards the platform! Ka-boom! It crashes on the people waiting on the platform and killing hundreds!

Or maybe another example, you are walking happily in one of the malls around KL. And this particular mall has this special deco where long pointy object sticking up on the wall/ceiling above. It's supposed to be a nice interesting piece of deco and some people might just feel impress on its design.

But whenever I walk through these decos, I would wish to leave the please as soon as possible. Thinking that perhaps there is an earthquake suddenly and the jerking of the quake causes those long pointy object to fall simultaneously or one by one, poking into the human body, killing them slowly.

These are some examples of my 'Final Destination Thoughts' (FDT) and I guess it's all because I watched too many movies last time and thanks to my good powerful imagination, I've created a movie myself, a real life movie of me being the main actor (otherwise I would die early) and trying to find my way to escape all these horrible accidents.

Meh. Me and my wild imaginations. Should stop thinking already.

2 inner voice(s):

teapot said...

Saw is better..

kenwooi said...

i do think of silly "accidents" too at time.. lol.. okay stop thinking! =P