Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's time to stop

Blog's gonna be dead if I still don't update it, anyways, I am currently in the library, second time after my forth semester starts. Yes, my semester has finally started but not all the results are out yet. Received a news today through Facebook saying that IDM's result has already came out, have already checked it, not too good.

Okay, alright. I've been venting quite a lot lately, reason being I've encounter something real awful and terrible some time ago and this has causes me to be so emo again. But I guess I shouldn't let these feeling keep bothering me all time, I should get myself out of it.

Thanks for some people I've chatted with these days. Encouraging and giving me moral support day by day, telling me what is the right thing to do and whatnot. Of course, some people still tries to hurt me sometimes, or should I say, they hurt me unintentionally? But whatever it is, it's over!

Getting out of my problem is never easy. I used to go through something similar to this case and I was so terribily upsat that time, I don't want to trust anyone and I tend to keep everything to myself. However, don't remember what I've done, I managed to step out of the shell, and has a wonderful time outside until the next strom strikes.

This time, stronger and scarier.

Nothing I can do, I ran back into my shell again and tend to lock myself in. I don't want to get out and the same shits happen again! It is like a déjà vu, you never likes it when that happens. Chatting with some friends do help for cases like mine. Even though I keep telling myself not to open my mouth, not to share and not to express, I just cannot help it. I know I can never stand alone, I need my friends, I need their care and love.

Thank you. Despite I am in a trauma right now, not knowing what is right or wrong; what is good or bad... I will still try to come out. I will carry on with the life I am having now, I'll just learn along the way, it never feels right, but I need to learn.

This time, I need to be more careful.

2 inner voice(s):

Danny said...

not really sure what happened.. but try to stay positive la... it might not solve the problem, but definitely will enlighten ur feelings..:)
take care

kenwooi said...

dont worry, be happy! =)

p/s: i've migrated to wordpress, feel free to relink or refollow coz the old Blogger feed link is no longer working and you wont get updates! thank you! =)