Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Future Plan [Part 2]

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Go for an interview: What interview? Actually I always wanted to be an air steward, can enjoy life while working. But of course I know it's not easy and I might start complaining about the working hour, the colleague, the guests, and the countries. So assume if I get the job after coming back from Australia, I might stay in this line for a few years, 5 years perhaps? Or longer. You will never know what happen in future!

Look for job: So I failed during the interview, it's time to work. Blast my resume out to any and every company that I can find, which suites me the most and wait for reply. If there are no replies within the 2 to 3 months after sending it, I will consider coming back to Taylor's. Since I have some connections here, as in I know some staffs here I might able to get myself into this line. By the time, I will be in the lakeside campus! Cool~

Or maybe not Taylor's? We will see how then.

Enjoy life: This is basically what I call, lazy! But people do say you will hardly go travel once you step into a working environment unless you are the boss yourself. So basically I have a few places in mind that I would like to visit. Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong. Since I am not working yet, and I might need to 'apply' for loan from my parents to one of these places. Other even more expensive location, shall wait till I get myself a job. Who wanna join me to those places I've mentioned?

Continue studying: This is one hard decision since I am not quite sure whether to study in one of the institution in KL to get a tour guide license or just to pursue my post graduate studies instead. If I were to take the tour guide license, I would probably 'apply' loan from my parents and pay them back later. If I were to continue my masters program, I don't know whether to do it part time or full time.

These are basically my 'route' I planned for my future, not really a good plan though but I really wish either one of it will come true. If you ask me which would I prefer the most, I might say the first one, which is staying in Australia and have my own life over there, following with the air steward job and might go for the masters program next.

But life isn't easy after all. Who can ever predict my future? I might accidentally become famous tomorrow and all my plans might be screwed off just like that! (pardon me, I am trying to be positive here) So I shall let it be for now. At least I have a 'vivid sight' on my future, at least when people ask me I can answer them what I want and perhaps, I can (at least) try to make my way there and be successful. (I wish!)

3 inner voice(s):

Sabrina said...

accidentally become famous?
lol.. i wonder for what reasons..

kenwooi said...

haha.. enjoy life is not lazy la.. it means.. relaxing.. =P

Stephy: said...

hey bro, i went to taiwan and thailand before.. these places are really shopping heaven. everything also cheap cheap cheap :)

i regretted din stay another day when i was in thailand. at least can shop more.

im going to myanmar on 30th Aug for a week. dunno got anything to shop thr o not :) hopefully i will enjoy thr.

so, u r looking for a job now? what kind of job and company you looking for?