Saturday, August 1, 2009

My first D-SLR

I promised myself not to be emo or moody today, and I did it! The reason is so obvious and yes, it's related to the picture above! I finally owned a D-SLR!!! So when there is a happy and exiting news floating around you, why do I need to feel sad or moody right?

Actually I was not expecting for it so soon, and I always thought I will only get it after I start working so I can get myself a good one. Since I might be going to further my studies in Adelaide (Australia) next year, I told my mom that I might need a new compact digital camera since we only have one at home.

2 weeks ago, mom suddenly asked me about D-SLR and told me to search for one with the budget given less then 2k. So how am I suppose to get a good one, even to get a normal D-SLR, less than 2k is hard to find, I thought. But then I happened to find this model, Sony D-SLR α230 selling at RM 1800.

Talked to the promoter. She recommended me 2 different models. Either the one I mentioned earlier or Canon EOS 1000D for RM 2100. After long hesitated, I decided to go for Canon.

Had breakfast with my family this morning, and mom suggested to go to the shop to have a look at the camera. Today, after knowing I wanted Canon and after a long bargain with her, dad decided to take Canon EOS 500D.

So yea, me and my new D-SLR! Am happy with it and would like to learn more about it too! Let's have a D-SLR mamak session! Provided I managed to get a permit to leave the Kingdom from the King and Queen.

6 inner voice(s):

dheepan said...

nice, now u can join photography club~

Danny said...

its always fun and excited to get what u wanted for a long time... enjoy shooting then.. u need model or not? cos i know one Ampang supermodel... very vogue one...LOL ;p

teapot said...

woohoo~~ an unexpected upgrade from the 1000D. Enjoy ur new baby. I'm gonna get mine soon. said...

wah.. your parents so good geh buy you this.

Xie Bin said...

note to self (again): do not buy a camera now!

Seng Hoo . said...

Hip Hip hooray, the fact is I'm jealous you have one!