Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'll be somebody, someday...

Well, just so you know the first four paragraph in the previous entry was just metaphor, and you will only know what it is all about provided you understand what had happened to me. Have a wild guess, the answer will never be revealed anyway.

After thinking about it when I was alone just now, I believe I have my own talent, something that belongs to me! And I know if I work hard I might able to get myself to be somebody one day, and I am looking forward for that arrival of the day.

Even though I am not living for myself now, I know I will have my day, I know I will be able to find my true self and live my own life, with my own way. I just need to stay happy and cheerful, which is quite hard for someone like me. But I will try.

And for the certain someone (that is if you know that I am referring you), even though things never come as you wish, and you might not like the life you having now, however with the passion I see from your dream, I believe you can make your way out of your misery. Just go for it as you always have my support! Do let me know if you need help, though I can provide you nothing for now, I believe I can still lend you my ears and shoulder if you ever need it. Take care.

I will be someone someday! Just you wait!

4 inner voice(s):

Xie Bin said...

this photos is really nice.

anyway, wow! i guess that certain someone will be really touched to see what you've written!

Debbie said...

Believe it!

God gifted each and everyone of us something that makes us special and who we are.
You'll find yours eventually, sooner or later.
Patience is the key to everything.

Good luck!

TZ said...

hmmm... by looking @ the photo you took... I thot you got busted :p

dude, are you really wanna to be the somebody someday which you think you could do it? if yes why not you just marching forward to get there...

Danny said...

everyone is a superstar...( lol hardsell ;p )
cheers :)