Monday, July 20, 2009


Considering today is a lucky day. A pretty lucky one that I must note it down before I go cuckoo and forget everything. Our best buddy gave me a ticket 5 days ago telling me that I am one lucky boy, I accepted it in a very special moment, thinking that I was really that lucky! Whoa! Lucky ticket I am holding you know, of course I was happy.

Today, I was thinking of trying my luck again, after being neglected in front of the redemption center yesterday. Guess what? I am seriously one lucky boy! Our best buddy gave me another ticket again! Seriously need to buy TOTO or 4D already, seeing that I am one lucky dude, follow the number I choose I can assure you for a place place in the bet!

Are you feeling lucky today?

I remember the time of the ticket issued quite well, it was at 1110 on the 15th and 1111 today. Buy this number alright? I will if I am allowed to.

A little update about my job in CPE. I am getting along well with the people in the office now. At least they understand my language and I get their jokes. LOL. Not that I am from Mars and they are from Venus, just that I was not able to blend in on the first week. Getting better now, it a good thing.

Met Ms Jenny last week, and she told me that the result is coming out one by one. As usual, I will not allow my lousy results to destroy my holiday mood, even though I am not having a good vacation but working in college. I will only check it when everything's out. So classmates, do let me know when everything's out alright?

Anyways, I'm already foreseeing my sad face complaining about the results. What can I do? This is happening every year, and I am getting numb with this feeling. It's like a déjà vu, history repeats itself annually!

Oh, something funny I've encountered today.

When you are filling up a formal form, what will you write in the column "Place of Birth"? Normally you will write either the state or the name of the hospital right? Today from one of the forms I was collecting, I saw this:

Place Of Birth: Rumah (Home)

I know you are born at home, but do you think the government know where is your house without stating it? Hahahaha! Funny one!

Oops! I am acting like a 'scorpion' now. Sorry man~

2 inner voice(s):

Danny said...

u shld ask that student ..
cara moden atau tradisional? ;p
doktor atau bidan? ;p

Xie Bin said...

wah seh model-like shot!