Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'That' Feeling

Blogged in the afternoon during my lunch break (I did my work during working hour alright):

I don't know where or how to vent my problems away, but that kind of feeling, it's just there all the time. It is somehow getting stronger day by day, and sometimes it's hard to even control it. Jealousy, envious, respect, love. I've already mixed all these feelings up. Never know which is which and what feeling I was going through earlier. What am I? What I want? It is all so unclear...

Something happened earlier during my lunch break, giving me some stupid feeling which I never (want to) know what that is. Loving, hating, craving or wanting? It's so difficult to talk about it, and of course, even if it is easy to mention, I would rather keeping it to myself. Thank you.

===== end of afternoon entry =====

Guess I am feeling better now. But, feeling quite restless.

Was so tired the whole time when I was in the office, felt so sleepy and don't feel like working. However, it only a week more to go, after that will be a full time U student.

Boss will not be around for 2 days, means I will take over her on Wednesday and Thursday, but it doesn't mean I can rest or enjoy myself there. Workloads had already been assigned to me, and I have task to be done by the due date.

Can die. Hahaha, but this is what I chose.

Good night people!

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