Thursday, July 9, 2009

Short Break

Currently sitting on the bed with my laptop with me, however I am not in my room now... Try guessing where I am now. I actually "blogged" this morning when I was in the office, have a look:

[in the morning, CPE office]

I don’t know what I can do now, it is so stupid that I am sitting down here doing nothing. The company has changed and it is not like how it was in the past (I guess). Well, I’m suppose this is how it is suppose to be anyways, showing me the real working environment. I must get use to it though. Ms Hanita is on MC today, so I am basically free, waiting for orders from the rest of the colleagues, my other bosses.

Luckily I am working half day today, means I will be leaving at 1 o’clock. Thank goodness, otherwise I might even rot in the office, seeing that they might not have anything for me to follow up. Oh gosh, now I am assigned with one difficult task, to create a catchy name for a program. How can I do that? Me no creative student. =(


[after work, before lunch, Media Hub]

I left the office at around 12pm. Headed straight to the Media Hub and started playing Facebook game, Bejeweled, I didn't know the time passes so fast that it has already been an hour after I left the office when Alan came look for me for lunch.


I've found some tutorials on Photoshop after lunch and am interested in working on it, let's see what I can do soon =) Anyways, people let me reveal the answer. I am currently in Vistana Hotel, Kelantan Kuantan, accompanying Alan on an outstation work trip. Will be going back tomorrow =)

It's late now. Good night =)

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