Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Gheez, nice right the photo above? I've edited it last night from 12 midnight till 2 in the morning, finally got some 'determination' to play with Photoshop. What do you think about it? Don't tell me you are getting nightmare or goose bumps ok? LOL.

This picture is my current profile picture in Facebook, with this sentence noted beside it:

Jason Chong is currently sitting in the living room with his laptop, accompanied by some fat juicy maggots which have successfully dug out from his body since this morning... Oh, part of the left earlap just fell to the floor. Yucks! Rotting at home is so no fun!! 22 hours ago

Like so lame right? LOL.

Well, today was not so bad. Jackie dropped by in the morning and we had breakfast together. Kinda early for a heavy meal though, I am not used to eat heavy breakfast in the morning.

I made soup in the afternoon with the stuff I bought from Carrefour after the sushi feast yesterday. I don't know what is the name of the soup, but it contained white taufu, onion, crabstick, pepper, oyster sauce, salt and egg. Quite filling as I consumed 2 big bows and there was extra some more!

Din't really do much house work for today except washing the things in the kitchen, starts my dad's car (to make sure the engine is working still) and collects the laundry. Guess I need to sweep the floor and wash the car tomorrow before my parents reach home.

Yes, they are coming back tomorrow! Quite fast for my 'break' time to come to an end. Kinda miss my 'break' time now, hoping that they stay in Bali longer. Haha! Oh yea, I am planning to sign in my MSN later, after not signing in for 2 months. Finally decided to 'expose' myself after stay hidden for so long. Come chat with me if you want =)

p.s. I've decided to cut (or trim) my hair tomorrow!

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::. Anton ::. said...

Best self-pic by a mile! :P LOLZ


Xie Bin said...

ahhhhhhhh... fainted.