Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Ugly Truth

The Emo Prince is back again, after so long and I almost break down last night! Go ahead, laugh all you can, I know you guys might be laughing there thinking how can a guy be so sissy wanting to cry or whatnot, but sorry to tell I have my own life to care of so please do mind your own business too. Close the window if you want cause this is gonna be a long, boring and dull entry. People always say that the 'truth is ugly', believe it or not, that's true! I myself encountered that personally and found that it is so hurtful to know about the truth behind the whole scenario.

These few days was not moving so well, stresses from work, unfairness among colleagues, never ending workloads... This practically makes me feel that my life sucks! Look at some of them, they managed to get big/good company to work/intern for, while me stuck at my own college doing something a 12-year-old can do! Experiences and connections/networking, I always told myself that these are the benefits I will gain throughout the one month semester break time, but is that true? Apparently I don't get along well with them, unlike someone who is good in design?

Enough working. Yesterday I've chatted with a friend of mine, and he actually told me something terrible. Something terrible about me. This is very personal and so sorry I cannot share it openly with everyone. I should learn how to protect myself, the world is so dangerous full with people with thicker layer of masks, I just realised.

The thing is, I always thought that I am cool enough to face all these fakers, I thought I understand these people and I know how to bring myself through them. Not trying to be one faker myself too but I just thought I have the way to avoid being used by them or whatnot. But after what had happened yesterday, after the whole conversation, I realised that my thought, as once told by my friends, are always wrong.

So imagine, you thought you understand something very well and been doing or repeating something you thought you are doing it right, and suddenly someone approach you and tell you whatever you did were wrong, you are wrong the whole while and no one bothers to correct you. You left nothing but a bunch of mistakes you did and a wrong technique, what you gonna do next? The world seems to be pretty ugly when there is no one for you when you needed one.

People are just evil, especially when they know they can use you. 'Naive' and 'innocent' are only applicable to kids. Teenagers like me are not suppose to carry these words with them anymore. Sadly, I'm the unique one with both words written on my face, and I can't help it! People started approaching with motives, with a reason behind, with something bad or evil behind their every thoughts, with knifes in their smile... Fakers they are! Seems nice to you but behind every words they say to you is part of their plan to lure you out of your shell, and to push you down the cliff!

WTF that is! The truth is always ugly, and yes I need to think about it again and again, I need to know what is my mistake, and to avoid being conned again! Are there any sincere people out there in the world? Someone who comes without motives, who are angelic like? None I suppose?

Go to hell fakers, and never have tomorrow in the burning hell!

2 inner voice(s):

dheepan said...

chill, chill. sunshine always comes after rain.

Jian said...

there are people who are genuine - you just need to know where to look for them. :)