Friday, September 25, 2009

Computer Fried!

Just a simple mistake I made causing it goes lagging and the next step I did - Press on the restart button, can caused me such miserable moment! I don't know if you understand what I am saying now, but all I can say is my Computer is no longer functioning anymore! It keep restarting itself, like no body's business.

Now I let the PC on and let it restart itself, hoping that it will get back to it normal mode anytime soon. But look at the way it restarts every time when the Windows logo pop out, I doubted that it will load properly and bring me to my desktop anymore.

Safe mode or no safe mode, nothing can be done.

I am just feeling so sad that most of my files, documents, photos, musics, photoshop files, folders... are considered all gone! Why din't I back up my files when it's still good in shape? Arrgghhh! And I hated and regretted on what I've done last night. I shouldn't have restarted the PC.

It keeps restarting and restarting, and I am depending on my laptop now. How wish it will magically 'get well' and load properly. Then I will have all my files and folder back which is so important to me! Otherwise I need to reformat everything and confirm bye bye to all my files!

Arrgghhh! Pray for me can?

5 inner voice(s):

yungchien said...

My old computer was like that!!!! In the end, it died! :)

Sue Keng said...

awww... I knooooow!! Hate it when that happens... happened to me a lot times... but most of the time my files were still there. Hope everything goes fine!!!

Wei said...

jason, try disconnecting the internet and on it!

SJ said...

i encountered such situation before. it makes me go mad. esp when i needed it so much but there's ntg i could do.

From me to you, suejean =)

Joe said...

If you are running windows there can be various reasons.
-software/program related
-hardware related (ie. over heating)
-PSU (power supply)

those listed are just the most common possibilities. good luck trouble shooting.