Monday, September 28, 2009

End of Holidays

My semester break has finally comes to an end. Without the need of stating the fact, I did not touch any of my assignment, which is quite a big deal actually as all the assignments are gonna due soon! So hopefully I will start gathering my lost souls and concentrate on my assignments. I need the focus!

Nothing much to add in actually, just feeling so blank recently I don't know why. I am feeling the pressure is approaching seeing that I had nothing done, not even a draft. I need to start planning tomorrow and start thinking of my JE & IMC assignment first. Then I need to focus on my IFTP and CFWM also! Ish.

Feeling lonely and emotional as usual. Sometimes just feel like giving myself one big slap! I don't have much time left to enjoy, I need to get things done by the due date, but I am just so slumber all time!


Be with me won't you? I just need my wake up call!

2 inner voice(s):

Danny said...

work hard n good luck on the assignments la...
btw, i'm more than happy to SLAP u :)

yungchien said...

haha. nah, i dunno Korean. i only know Japanese :) hahaha... :P

Dunno why I can't post on ur cbox XD