Monday, September 21, 2009

Tsunami at Haeundae

What a great Sunday! Never been so nice for such a long time. Since I am a really kind and good brother, and I know my sister has not been to One Utama, I've decided to bring her over today for lunch and movie. In fact, I let her decide whether to go One Utama, The Curve or even Mid Valley.

We reached at our destination by 11.30am and went to GSC straight away to check on the time of shows. We initially wanted to watch Where got Ghost but ended up decided on "Tsunami at Haeundae". Bought our ticket and off we go for our brunch!

We ended up in front of Sakae Sushi (since I wanted to put my footstep on the ground of this branch) at the old wing.I don't know whether it's the same on the other days but the food today was not really that fresh. Their services were not too good but the restaurant manager was quite entertaining. I assume he was trying to be friendly and he gave us a RM 10 voucher as the bill had exceeded RM 80.

Went to the cinema right after brunch. Just be noted that to bring your jacket along next time as the air conditioning is really cold! I was shivering the whole while in the cinema.

"Tsunami at Haeundae" (or also known as "Haeundae" overseas) was really a good and touching movie. Yes, it's quite pitiful to see people suffer throughout the whole disaster, yet this is also when you finally see someone else's true colour or true feeling towards you.

Life is so vulnerable when it comes to natural disaster. Check out the trailer:

Life is precious.

And I just have this thing towards people who are suffering from natural disaster as such. E.g. 911 Case happened in 1991 [oops, typo, thanks Joe for the inform] 2001 (though it's not a natural disaster), Tsunami happened in 2004, Sichuan Earthquake in 2008... Especially when someone create a footage on it with really sad melody, my tears will definitely come out.

When was the last time I cried for a movie anyways?

It was really touching, seeing people die for their love ones, or trusted that their child will be in good hand while the parents stied back waiting for the time to end... haih, it's really a good movie in my opinion.

I was literally sobbing for 5 to 10 minutes in the cinema and my tears was all over my face. I assume I look darn sissy with tears and, OmiGAWD, when I put my self into the little girl's shoe I sobbed even louder!

So embarrassing can?

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SJ said...

nice hair style of yours!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

Joe said...

At least the cold air condition may help prepare you of what to expect during winter when you are overseas studying in adelaide.

A minor correction 911 happened during 2001.

kenwooi said...

tsunami at haeundae?
never heard of it.. hmm..

ian-ization said...

Pretty nice blog =)

Chrysler said...

Nice post :)

came across ur blog while googling for the correct spelling of Haeundae to post on my facebook shoutout :D

& yea...i cried some parts...very touching movie :)