Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm crazy! =D

I've not been updating my blog again since 9 days ago. Not that I was busy all the time, in fact, I was like wasting my damn whole week doing nothing but playing Plants vs Zombies.

(Side track a little bit) Blogger now has this brand new feature where we can hide the whole blog post and create an expendable post summaries instead! Cool! Been wanting to have this feature for quite some time! Let me have a try!

Aside being bored at home and doing nothing but wasting my precious time, I spent some time playing with the layout and setting and create a dream photo blog of mine. Remember my parents got me a D-SLR? Yes, that blog is specially created to upload photographs I took.

It was a new blog and I am still a rookie in this photography line. I hope that my skills will improve and get to snap more nice photographs with good composition.

This is a teaser I've created for the new blog. Do come and visit my photo blog okay?

3 inner voice(s):

Danny said...

there's something about Mary? ;p

Danny said...

i mean ur hairstyle la...
same as Cameron Diaz in that movie maa... what were u thinking? ;p

boonboon2k2 said...

lol, can dun use that feature o ,
i found it quite annoying to click again ar....

urm , if got any good photos just upload it..
i will be more than glad to look at it