Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting sick?

The fact that I am still feeling sleepy and tired after having about 8 hours of sleep giving me the feeling that my health is going down again. The similar feeling and symptom happened during my liver infection occur again especially when I see my swollen eye bag this morning.

Yea, if you have been following my blog you should know that I had liver infection a few months back due to the over consuming of chinese and english medicine. And since then, I dare not take too much medicine and I will try not to touch any if possible.

But I cannot stop myself from worriying about my health, I am scared, paranoid, and wanted to go for a body check up. But what if I've been over reacted? What if I really had not enough sleep? Or what if something else had causes the swollen?

Perhaps I am sick. I guess I need to take more vitamins and eat more oranges. Mom and dad had fell sick and seems like I have a very high possibility to fall sick too if I don't take care of myself. Alright then, orange juice during lunch later.

H1N1 is still existing. The more I don't want to fall sick at this very moment. I should have taken the apple and eat it this morning. Maybe I can just buy some fruits before the meeting. And have fruit juice.

3 inner voice(s):

ian-ization said...

Hey, do take care... drink more water.. and don take too much unnecessary medicine... =)

Danny said...

i think u shld go n see doctor 1st.. just to make sure that everything is ok.. prevention is better than cure :)
take care

Ju Enn said...

Hey Jason, we are all concerned for you. I think if you're really worried, you should go and see doctor.. that's the only way to be sure.

Take care of yourself. A lot of people falling sick with flu etc these days also.