Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When good gone bad...

just... a random picture

Was awake at 5.45 in the morning thanks to my piggy alarm clock. Was thinking that I still have another 15 minutes to rest so I fall back to sleep once I shut the alarm off. Have a glance at the window, the sky seems pretty dark. It's barely 6am and the sun is still sleeping happily. 15 minutes should be just nice.

I opened my eyes again. The morning sun shine penetrates through the window and fall straight into my bare eyes. "Ahh, it should be a pretty morning today", I told myself, lazily lying on my bed. A sudden chill ran through my spine, literally. Well, beside the fact that I was sleeping topless, I somehow realised something was wrong. So wrong!

"Since when the sun wakes up at 6 in the morning? OMG!!!" I quickly search for my handphone and check the time. 7AM already! Me and my sister has class at 8am, both us need to use the toilet, need to leave by 7.30am...


Well, that's was basically what happened this morning. Rushing through the morning. Sunshine morning because kinda moody as everything seems so... rushing. But what can I do? NOTHING. But luckily I still managed to reach college by 8am and be in class on time. At least I was not late and did not miss any of the classes right?

Mood gone down. It was supposed to be a cheerful day. But it went down. Suddenly.

Halfway during lunch time I suddenly felt so sad. Well, at least I felt kinda moody. Why? Guess it's hard to reveal here. Not suitable. I think it's good to be kept in myself, the safest place of all. Unless I leak it out, no one will know.

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