Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm feeling better now

Actually I think it's needless to feel sad or angry with myself. Sorry for the mood swing, you know, we can't really control our emotion sometimes, can we? No matter what it is, it's already over and I am feeling better now. Thanks for all your concern!

Stepping into the final month of my forth semester. Four more assignments to rush, hopefully I pass all the subjects. And after that, gonna have a 3 months holiday. Too bad I won't be able to work this time. Sigh, when I feel like working I'm occupied. Why is it always like that?

Anyways, since not all the plan is confirm yet, so I guess I should keep it pending first. I mean, it's better to confirm everything before telling others right? There are a lot of things to prepare, and I hope everything will be done smoothly.

I need to do more photoshoot-lah, I have nothing else to show already. My Photo-Blog gonna be empty soon. What can I take? Any recommendation?

Anyways, please look out for some entries regarding activities happening in Taylor's College. Planning to upload it and talk about it.

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