Friday, October 2, 2009

Being Random

I'm being random again.

My mood had gone down these few days. When I start thinking about people who are leaving me one by one and those who begins ignoring me. What have I done? Just because I show you the real me? Reveal more about myself? Or being too sincere?

I don't know what to say anymore. I am feeling/planning/wanting to do something which is quite contradicting with what I've mentioned in the first paragraph.

I feel like isolating myself again.

Since no one wants to really care about me, I would rather shut myself in my own box. Do whatever I want and ignore the others.

Gosh, my English (language/grammar/speaking/writing) is getting worst! Haih~

Mood down to the drain.

3 inner voice(s):

Joe said...

hey, relax and dont worry too much. Its life... filled with ups and downs... people come and go...
however true friends will always be around wherever they may be, and they will care for you even though it is not expressed.

Danny said...

ah boi.. no point keeping things to urself.. just let it out.. those who are really concern about u will definitely want to share that with u :))
tale care.. n leave that EMOland asap.

Felix said...

If you really need a shoulder, I will be there =)
Dont isolate yourself, you know there are many people out there still concern about you, at least I am, as a friend.