Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finished my assignment!

So, during the mid semester break, I did not get to enjoy much as I've had 2 major assignment to rush on. One is about performance and technology - a 1200 words, 35% worth of assignment; and another is about communication and organization - a 3000 words, also 35% worth of assignment.

Knowing that I cannot rush both assignments on the same week, I spent some time of my first week to finish off my performance assignment and spend the remaining days for my communication work.

Who knows, after finishing my performance assignment, I found out that I've done it wrongly. Or to be exact, out of topic. The requirement asked for performance and technology but I gave them 'light, space and sound'. That time I don't have time to redo it so I thought of handing it up straight hoping that I'll pass.

On the due date, the whole class was told to be given an extension, and some of them still haven't finish their work. I find it quite unfair, but at the same time, relieve as I get to redo my work.

Hoping that I can score better this time, I asked my lecturer if I can ask him some question after the class but he told me that he will be teaching the next class and if I have any question I may e-mail him. So I did e-mail him that night itself and he should have more than enough time to reply me. But he didn't.

I managed to borrow some books knowing that he might not reply, keep checking my e-mail from time-to-time, hoping that miracles happen but until today, after finishing my assignment and handed it in, he still hasn't reply me. So what's the point sending him an 'unattended' e-mail?

His other students ask him question he will reply. But when I ask him to check my previous assignment to give some feedback and also some questions about my assignment, he did not bother to reply.

I think he has some racist issue. Even though I tried to be nice to him, he seems unfriendly. Haih~ He is a Dr. some more! So concern about title but not his (Asian) students.

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Danny said...

good luck with ur assignments :)