Saturday, October 30, 2010

My 52mm UV filter has arrived!

It's finally here!! Right after my mom sent me my portrait lens, I didn't really use it much as I want to keep dust away from entering the lens. I then went to eBay to get myself a 52mm UV filter for that particular lens and been waiting since then..

Now, it's finally here, and what I need to do is to get a long holiday, which is coming in 2 weeks time, and start taking photographs with both lenses! I can't wait for it! Seriously! I am wishing for the long holiday and all those happy moments I can find!

Take care peeps!

7 inner voice(s):

Jessine said...

horrrrrrr! Bought new stuff! Your mummy know?

BSCH said...

Hi The Chronicles,

Haha ^___^
Understand you feelings. I always cant wait for holidays because that is the only times I can spend with my camera and literally speaking sleep next to it.

JC said...

Jessine, she doesn't know, but it's cheap, and she wouldn't mind coz I will have a valid reason for getting one. Really to protect the lens she bought me... so no worries!

BSCH, indeed, playing with my camera is so fun! Viewing those photographs from my laptop makes me feel happy too (if they turns out nice). However sometimes I have some corrupted file, then I will feel very frustrated!

Dummy Dummy said...

congrats on your new gear!

JC said...

Thank you Dummy Dummy!

Dummy Dummy said...

I actually got one of this for sale, bought it but heard that it's not so good for the image quality so I removed it. but it's fine if your purpose it to protect it :)

JC said...

Yea man!

I just got the lens and I will feel really sad if the lens is dirty. At least I need to try my best to protect the dust from going in seeing that sometimes the wind can be quite strong at times.

If it really does effect the quality, perhaps I'll remove it during photo shooting and cover it back when Im done?

Well, let's just see how =D