Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm not smart but I ain't stupid!

"Sir, seriously, if you think I'm gonna show you my assignment and only plan to redo it today, on the very final day, you might as well fail me. Do you really think I will not do my assignment even if you don't bother replying my mail? Think again cause you're wrong! I even purposely went to print out a hard copy, thinking that you might want to have it instead of reading the soft copy, and you actually think that I will be like you other students who are still doing their work? You said due date is today and we have a lecturer class at 9am, even if I've not done my work earlier I'll make sure I finish my assignment by 9! Not later! Geez! Thanks a lot Sir!"

Received such a huge insult this morning indirectly. This shows that my lecturer actually received my assignment but refused to reply me. I don't know (and I don't bother now) whether if he is stereotyping or being a racist, what I know is both the lecturers of the same course, they are weird. I used to like them though, I love their class cause I never get to learn something so different in Malaysia. But the way they treated me, made me feel so disappointed!

Since this assignment is done, all I have left is a Drama Production, two assignments from Comm & Org and one more theater production installation to do then I'm free! Coming right up, Drama Production, shooting this Friday and Saturday and need to do some editing. And I better start on my Comm & Org too, as I have another lecturer who doesn't reply e-mails right away.

Don't understand why don't they use all these services when it's provided nicely for them?

Another thing I don't understand is why are there so many millipedes around the house, especially during winter and now - spring. It will crawl all around the house, the living room, kitchen, the toilet and even the room!

Aren't they adorable (yucks!) disgusting?

Luckily they are not as large as the one I saw in Google, otherwise this place would be like a living hell! Gosh! I'm being exaggerating here now but it's true! The amount of millipedes outside my current house is so... I shall let the photograph do the talking.

And this is just one corner alright. I haven't show you the other corner and those on the ground which have gone flat as we accidentally stepped on them, especially at night when there is no light. Freaky!

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a little bit of sulphur or salt along the trail or edges should do the trick.

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Will it do the trick? said...