Thursday, October 23, 2008

Embarrassing Moment

Guess you guys don't know where is this place shown in the picture above. Well, it's actually the JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Nagara) where you will not want to go during the peak hour (especially during holidays) to apply, renew, of whatever you want to do to your IC (Identity Card). Yeap, I was there this morning for one reason, the microprocessor chip spoiled and the plastic cover had peeled off, resulting nothing can be scanned from the chip when I was trying to renew my passport, this morning, in JIM (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia).

I just don't like to go to all these places as I always think that they are always slow, bored, stuffy, and loaded with unfriendly staffs. However I was wrong. Today (or maybe just today) they were quite efficient and friendly. They also play the latest English songs instead of the typical Malay songs. Fans and air conditions are provided and everything just seems so fine. I managed to get my passport within 1.5 hours. Fast right? If you want me to complain, I guess the charges for the photocopy service is quite high. 1 page of black and white document, costed 60 cents ! What on earth they used on their photocopy cartridge? Gold powder? 

Now, I have only a temporary IC which is just a piece of document (paper) and I will only be getting the new one a month later. The picture of my IC was quite ugly due to the old-fashion hair style but it's still so much better than the previous one, which look like a zombie ! Too bad I don't have the zombie picture (but I have the photocopied black and white version), otherwise I can use it to compare with the latest picture. p/s: Okay, I went to scan the pictures just now and here you may see the differences.

OMG. And you know what I found out after comparing both pictures? I GAINED WEIGHT !!! My face actually looks chubbier, again with an ugly hair style !! Arrgghh !! Look at it !

Kinda off topic right? Even the pictures above also quite not on the track. Come, let's begin with my story. 

Okay. I went for a hair cut today, after getting my passport. Waited for the Rapid KL to go to Kelana Jaya Station. The embarrassing moment started once I step into the bus. You see, I only have 1 Five Ringgit note, 1 Ten Ringgit note and 1 Fifty Ringgit note, and the bus fare is only RM 1. When I handed the bus driver my 5 Ringgit note he told me he don't have change and requested me to change myself before paying the fare. Stupid driver should have let me in for free !

Okay, so I approached almost 10 passengers but non of them have enough change. When I was about to approach the secondary school kids, one generous guy about my age handed me 1 Ringgit for me to pay for my bus fare. I tried and willing to exchange my RM 5 with his RM 3 or RM 4 but he keep shacking his head with the 1 Ringgit note on his hand. So I took it and pay for my fare, feeling embarrass and helpless. I don't know what to do to thank him but just saying thank you. He looks familiar though, but I don't think I know him (I wish I do so that I can pay him back).

All because of the driver's fault la ! If he has enough change or willing to let me have a free ride, such embarrassing moment will never happen ! Screw him !

Anyways, this is my new hair style, which I failed to style it back after I took my bath. Darn ! I wish I know what to do with my hair.

So, how is it?

7 inner voice(s):

fern said...


if face chubbier then must go jogging again together like old times to shed off the fat :P

why embarrassed? someone did something nice for you today, you do something nice for someone else tomorrow lor :D

<3 fern

issaclim89 said...

I like your new hair style

Xie Bin said...

psst... you know why you find that guy who gave you the 1 ringgit note familiar? coz it's me actually. :p

i think you look really funny back in year 2002 and 2003. but i think i'm worse.

wah your hair so yo-yo! i think i cutting my hair soon liao too. today just noticed that it's getting long, and so coincidental you blogged about you cutting your hair.

APpl3 said...

the driver damn lan si??
if can..take another bus...
>< kick off the driver la...

tw said...

so leng zai for wat. i jealous. =(

syahira said...

you look good with the new hair jj!

*.:Reira:.* said...

Nice haircut, u sendiri pun tau kan? :D And you didnt get chubbier! You got back to normal! U were so skinny!!! Omg, now ngam ngam. Good, stay that way! :P

Also, that was very nice of that man to help you out. God Bless him~ :)