Saturday, October 4, 2008

Slumber Party

I was invited to Sabrina's house yesterday for a party. They call it a slumber party, so called, but I think it's more like a one-night-home-stay program. =)

I always wonder what do girls normally do whenever they have a slumber party or heart-to-heart pillow talk, what do they talk about? What are the topics discussed? Well, I never know because I was never invited to such occasion. 

Slumber party. I think guys will not have such extra time for that, gather around at home, in a room, holding pillow and have a heart-to-heart conversation. Instead they will head to the pub or club, with a bottle of Heineken, or a lighted cigarette on his right hand, sitting in front of the big TV screen (do pubs or clubs have TV?), or perhaps on the dance floor, to show off or talk about their life.

Girls? I don’t know them. You have girlfriends right? Why not you ask them personally for a better and in-depth explanation?

However, thanks to my girlfriends, I was invited to a slumber party (aka one-night-home-stay program) and I am the only guy, together with 4 girls. Was quite an awkward situation, as there is no other guy around and for sure the parents will ask about it, perhaps worry that their daughter might be in danger with 1 guy in the room. 

I know, it sounds so gay that a guy actually joined 4 girls for a slumber party, I felt it too. (Li Ann, perhaps you can post this to the blog you made for me, LOL) 

Nothing much was done last night. Just one round of Risk, junk food session, a discussion on the next trip (hopefully I am allowed to go) and I fell flat on the bed, dreaming. Did not manage to take a group picture too, the only picture can be found in my phone will be this curtain picture I took when I opened my eyes in the morning (guess I am not as lucky as Xie Bin who gets to go out with his girlfriends and managed to take a lot of pictures too). 

So I suppose you understand now why did I say that it feels/sounds just like a one-night-home-stay program, instead of a slumber party. Haha !

3 inner voice(s):

Xie Bin said...

i think i'd be one of the guys with that extra time for slumber party. LOL!

anyway, your curtain shot reminds me of that one (and only) time i stay over at my friend's house. me together with 2 girls. wasn't planned to stay over but her aunt welcomed me with a mattress and pillow. what can i say? haha!

and i didn't take a group photo too. perhaps no one will take group photos before they sleep? hmm...

when i woke up the next day the first thing i noticed was the window and curtain too.

Akira said...

didn't know it was a curtain until you mentioned it in your post. Mysterious pic, anyway. haha

Darren said...

4 girls and 1 guy? seriously? Curious on how you handled it when they talked about guys! Haha :P