Monday, October 20, 2008


I walked under the rain again today. I just don't know why, most of the time if I sleep late the night before, the next day I will sure walk under the rain. Coincident or what? Yeap, I had only 1.25 hours to sleep last night due to presentation. And the presentation's sucks ! ROAR~

Since I am tired, and my brain is quite lagging, this shall be a short update.

The Media Carnival was a blast ! Even though it was not as good as I expected, but from this event, I managed to see something I don't often see, namely "team work". When everyone forms a line and transport the tables and chairs one by one to the lecturer hall, it looks so awesome ! The team work spirit had managed to flow into our body, till the point where everyone sing songs together to motivate each other the night before the event, I am just SO TOUCH ! Love you guys, seriously. 

Not being superstitious, but for the sake of playing it, Alissa uses her Tarot cards to help me see my past, present and future. According to her reading, I was a happy person in the past: Considering it's partly right, since when I was young, I as naive and have a wonderful life time with my family. 

A confident person present however will meet a pitfall once it reaches the top: Which I suppose I am already falling badly. Since I was quite confident once (last year) but now... 

However, there will be 2 destiny for me to choose in the future. Either one of my choice, will change my life totally: The Judgement card I took. Which is making my life even more interesting since I have to decide which way to choose, or rather what I feel I want most.

What about today?

Class was not really that good though, I was rushing for presentation and presented it badly. Well, I never ever present wonderfully. Went to Pyramid with Geoffrey, Florence and Winnie and had Sakae for lunch. Spent about RM 25 eating.

Even though recently I was not in good mood for anything, but I managed to learn something during the outing this afternoon: Never go shopping with girls if you only had 1.25 hours of sleeping time. I nearly doze off when I was sitting on the bench watching the ducks on the TV provided by Sunway Pyramid. 

However I was lucky to meet up with Eve and Senior. Had a short chat (almost an hour though) and met Eve's brother, Hanson. And they did make my life easier, at least I was awake the whole time.

Pyramid was quite stupid when I alarm rang non stop and the escalator suddenly stop moving. I admit I was being paranoid. I keep thinking that the mall is really on fire, or rather there are terrorists in the building trying to kill all the shoppers. Silly me, as I managed to go home and blog about this issue. Haha !

Alright then, I guess I am done here. Night. Please bear with my short update.

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Xie Bin said...

how come your short update is so long huh? :p sorry to say this but whenever you say 'I walked under the rain' i just find it funny, for nothing! and 1.25 hours of sleep? still count until so accurate?! haha! your day seems very long today, still go out somemore, when you're a living zombie! omg...