Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HATE Money

Yes, you are not seeing things. I HATE MONEY ! I HATE MONEY THAT I CAN SEE, I CAN TOUCH, I CAN COUNT, I CAN SMELL BUT I CAN'T USE !!! Well, when you have such high reputation, is such trustworthy person, and people around you actually believes in you, and voted you as the treasurer for all sorts of events, then you will have the same feeling as me.

Let's see, I have been a treasurer since Form 3, which mean when I was 15. And until today, even for the carnival which had just over, I am still the treasurer holding and keeping so much money at home, and the only thing I can do is to count count and count !

And do you know how ironic is it when you keep telling people that you are broke, but there are about 1K keeping under your drawer? But again, those money are not suppose for personal use. I am a professional treasurer okay? That's why I am a trustworthy person. People vote me for a reason =)

There is a camp coming up soon, organized by my club, and do you know what is my post this time? Try have a wild guess. TREASURER ! Hahahaha~ Hated this position so much, but what can do? This is what I am good at. However, I would like to try being a normal committee member next time. Perhaps I will enjoy myself more than locking myself in an empty room, and do counting every 15 minutes, thinking that the money will just walk or even fly away then I need to pay the debt myself.

Money Money Money, must be funny, in the rich mans world; Money money money, always sunny, in the rich mans world; Aha-ahaaaa...

Sounds familiar? For those who watched Mamma Mia will definitely heard this line ! I am not a rich man, so money is not funny nor sunny in my world.

So yea, I am broke. Anyone wanna give me some money? I will ignore you if you ask me to use the money collected from whatever event I hold the treasurer post.

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Xie Bin said...

if you're broke then i what? i bankrupt liao like this. wow! treasurer JC indeed! i also committee in my club back in my secondary school days, i was the librarian of my club, i was in-charge of all the papers and scores! woots! psst... think you use like a few cents won't be a problem lah. ok you're ignoring me now right?

Stephy: said...

That's great!! As you've said, ppl vote you for a reason, so u must shud appreciate that and not let them down. But of course, u do have your say as well for rejecting the offer next time and tell them you would rather be a normal committee. I'm sure they will understand. Unless you still enjoyed being a treasurer. ;)

Keeping the 1K is really a lot. Why not organise an outing among the group rather than accumulating so much money? If you guys doesn't have plan yet, I suggest you deposit it into the bank, at least you get some interest out of it. What say u? ;)

raeshad said...

don't tell me you have thousands of rm in coins? XD that's insane.

You can ignore me now too.

3POINT8 said...

Corruption is always an option

raeshad said...

just realised, u linked Adam Bouska's site

i love his works too XD [plus their models as well, naturally]

Rinoa said...