Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, I know there are quite a few animals I did not mention in the previous entry. However, my fellow friends, don't worry much about it as I am not going to mention about it. At least not now. So, let's proceed to the topic today, ammonia.

To be frank, I hated all the guys in my college. At least those who visited the library, and used the facilities there. Hating them, not because they are luckier than me or able to date with those girls in college, but thanks to them, I need to lock myself in a small cubicle with ammonia gases around. These guys just don't know how to flush the toilet ! They are just like jacoons from the stone age, and why are they wasting money to study here if they don't even know how to flush the toilet properly? I mean, IT IS SO DARN EASY RIGHT? And what's their excuse for not flushing it properly?


Just imagine this situation: You are working hard in the library doing your assignments. You brought your watter bottle in as you need to drink. And after staying in the library for freaking 6 hours and drank 500ml (or more) of water. You are still concentrating and working hard on your assignment and suddenly, nature call, and you realised you have not been to the toilet for more than 8 hours.

Rushed to the toilet and found that no one is in the toilet, with empty cubicles waiting for you. Went into the cubicle and you are ready to release the extra water in your body and guess what, you smell something - ammonia !!

Yea, now you get what I mean right? Those acidic kind of smell, and it's all depends on the 'thickness' of the yellowish liquid, normally can get from the toilet bow or the chemistry lab. Looking at that, you have no other option but to finish off your business as quick as you can ! And if you lucky, you will manage to come out alive, otherwise, you will either found death in the toilet due to suffocation or lung damage.

Wanted to post a picture of the toilet bow with the thickest yellowish urine in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, I can't find one, too bad ! I should have taken the toilet bow's picture and post it up here.

I know, some guys like me actually did make an afford to flush the toilet and try to keep the toilet clean. But if those jacoon still don't change their attitude, nothing much can be done already. I can just say sorry to those who died suffocated or due to lung damage, and also those cleaner for cleaning the toilet.

Such irresponsible act should not be happening these days ! I just don't know why they can't complete such easy task. Haih, guys these days... 

But according to some reliable sources, female toilets are just equally the same. What is happening to those people la ?!

Think about it !

p/s: I know the picture is too large and it load quite slow, I am sorry about it and I am trying to look for a way to resize it. The way Sherry taught me seems not working on my PC. So please bear with it for the moment.

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Xie Bin said...

i feel a bit sick now after reading this! my god... 'thickness' somemore! yellowish liquid?! so funny lah you! hey, i got flush toilet one ok! :p not me! i think they never flush is because they're proud of their liquid and want to show off to you what. (i suddenly feel more sick more imagining the smell and sight of it) thank you so much huh. yucks.