Sunday, October 26, 2008

Media Carnival 08

Have you imagine how terrible is it when you need someone to bring you to the clinic but coincidentally everyone is not free or is working so they can't help you? Your parents are not at home at the same time leaving you with your younger sibling who don't know how to drive. At the end of the day, you have to drive yourself to the nearest clinic even though you don't feel yourself? Let me tell you, THAT IS TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE AND MISERABLE ! Anyways, I had already met the doctor and got some medicine from her. She told me there are no side effect but I think it makes me feel dizzy. I cant move too much though.

Back to the topic. You guys probably thinking what is the picture above relates to the topic and what on earth is that picture. What does those icons represent. Well, if you have read my previous entry, you will probably understand what it is all about. However, this entry gonna have less words and more pictures (mainly pictures of myself), so please bear with it. Oh yea, pictures credit to Winnie and Jason, thanks for being such genius in taking all the photos !

Do you remember I mention about "team work" at this entry? Don't you think the picture below actually reflects the term "team work"? Which I can seldom see? Sob... sob... I am tearing seeing this scene, so touching !

And these people below, are actually miming. Know what is a mime? According to, a mime is the art or technique of portraying a character, mood, idea, or narration by gestures and bodily movements, also known as a pantomime. You may click here for more definition. So yea, we are mimes ! There are 2 groups of them, I am in the second group which was located downstairs near the auditorium.

The opening ceremony. And since I was one of the mime, I can't join the crowds for the opening ceremony and have to be upstairs for another task.

The performances were held during the afternoon session. And these are the pictures taken by Winnie. 

Okay, done with performances. Do you guys still remember these? Bet you guys are still figuring what these are right? Scroll down for the answer yoz!

Tadaa ! Yeap, cupcakes ! Looks nice right? I tell you what, it is very delicious ! Seriously, no joke ! That's the reason why I have such expression. Told you guys you will regret for not coming to our carnival ! You had missed the fun, you had missed the spirit, you even missed the delicious food !!!

Alright ! Pictures below are kinda funny and weird. Well, it's all because we are too stressed up, that's why we will have such reaction.

And yeap, thanks to these two fella above, namely Winnie and Jason, for all the pictures above !

Actually, not much pictures were taken, everyone was very busy that point of time and I believe that is the reason why. Anyways, I got to run now. Even though I am sick, I am still here blogging. Need to continue my assignments before it is too late. Good luck !

4 inner voice(s):

Xie Bin said...

you know my brain suddenly had this giddy effect for one second when i was reading your last paragraph. i wonder what cause this dizziness. and you know what? i think you look good with your hair tied! seriously lah dude! :p hoho... anyway, get well soon lah ok! i also have assignments to complete before it's too late too! T_T

Honghongtan said...

is that cuppacakes by wondermilk ?
the cupcakes are sooooooooooo cute !!!

and yeah I had missed the fun,
I had missed the spirit,
I've missed the delicious food =C

but u seems like u are enjoying urself and satisfied aren't u =)

take care and get well soon !!!

Stephy: said...

haha...yea.. i agreed with xie bin.. u look somethg diff with ur hair tied.. ;)

hope you are feeling better now.. hey btw, who said you've got no one to call for help?? so "kelian" driving alone to the clinic.. can call us (kenny or myself) mah.. :p

anyway, the cupcakes really look delicious and colourful.. u guys made it urself?? really missed it la..

Stephy: said...

hahaha.. hey if u put that pic as ur profile pic, i will re-comment again as per your suggestion.. ;)