Thursday, October 2, 2008

Metamorphosis II

Was looking through my old pictures and I found this. Yeap, this is me when I was young, I mean when I was a baby. How do I look? There are some more pictures of me growing up, so please be patient and let it load a while.

I know I know, I was adorable, cute, photogenic, and suitable to be a baby model for any products. However, that was then, when I grow up a bit, the word adorable and cute no longer suitable for me.

Well, maybe the word cute is still usable but definitely not adorable. Haha, according to the date of the photo, it was taken when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Look kinda skinny like those Afghanistan kids who have not enough nutrient. Nevertheless, if you think I am all the while that skinny until today, you are wrong ! Look at those pictures below.

Ta-daa !! Yeap, this was me ! When I was in my primary schooling life. No Photoshop effect (I am not that good in Photoshoping yet) and no editing. Truly me, no lies. =)

Then I grew up somemore, became more vain and like to take picture of myself, erm, self portrait. This was taken when I was in my secondary schooling life. I am not a sports person, never do sports but I just became skinny again. Don't ask me why or how. It just happened like that... without a reason.

And these are the recent me. I am a college student now with no life, being the same old me all the while due to the strict rules set by my mom. And lately she came out with a new law, and we (me and my sister) name it as the Sam's Law. Will talk about it later, LOL.

7 inner voice(s):

jėss.T said...

uv grown up into a fine young man i see. =) it's pretty nostalgic to watch urself grow =)

Xie Bin said...

you know what? i once thought of doing this blog entry too, like posting photos of me in different stages. but i decided better not (yet)! haha!

wow you change a lot in the process huh! guess your metabolic rate is high that's why you slimmed down without a reason! hi5 for that coz i'm the same.

and hi5 too for the hobby of taking self-portraits. think we can be buddies already! hahaha!

Xie Bin said...

same here... i guess not everyone is like us!

and wah! 100 pics per day? you know what? i think i exceed 100... worse...

i find it funny you actually thank me, for nothing!

Darren said...

The middle part of ur pics doesn't resemble u at all. Haha.

Ur new style suits u.

Br@d said...

yo... tons of pix.. lengthy loading time... wow... grown up d heh... well hope to see ya really soon

Xie Bin said...

okok, friendly.

keen observation you have huh! i also realise that so i decided to wear some sleeved shirts for a change. but i changed back today again. haha!

and how's your date today?! haha! blog about it soon yah.

by the way, what a coincidence, i saw a j.c. metal company at some unfamiliar place i was visiting today. haha!

Katetricia said...

Wow.. that's a lot of change !!

I am still me !! lol