Friday, February 13, 2009

Go Tenji

You know what? I was this close *showing a small gap between fingers* to post an emo-but-not-too-emo entry. At least I am posting something different this time. *wink*

So, finally after a week or 2 after the last outing, I got to go out again! Thanks to the Leo Gang namely Mun Suet, Eric and Rui Wei. If they did not ask me out, I guess yesterday was just a normal usual boring pathetic day for me.

Well, Tenji is a Japanese buffet restaurant and it's located in Soho KL, Mont Kiara. I was charged RM 55 and according to them, it is consider very cheap for a Japanese buffet restaurant. I don't know how true it is, but still I agreed to go with them for the sake of going out.

It's not a wrong decision joining them for this lunch outing. Although the food selection is not as wide as Jogoya, it's still nice to dine in there. Well, at least I tried oyster, first time in my life man! It's raw and tasted kinda fishy.

So yea, those who want to know how good the food is, go try it yourself! Don't know where is the place? You may go ask Mr Google or Ms Yahoo. Friends, thanks for inviting me for this wonderful lunch outing alright?

p.s. Happy Valentine Day!

3 inner voice(s):

*Anton* said...

Although a lil' pricier, Jogoya wins hands-down! ^_^


alexio said...

55 ringgit only ?? that cheap lor for buffet !

lets go one day =) a new place to explore !

btw i was in Boston Soho KL before i fly that day.......tell you soon on msn.

Takashi said...

tenji is the worst jap restaurant i ever eaten.. sucks to the max kao kao!

never ever go to tenji again. not even free!