Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Day

Happy Valentine Day!!! Even though it's not really a big day to celebrate, but people do go out and are trying their best to make this a special and memorable day for their partner. To me, Valentine Day is also consider as a Family Day, it's because I don't have a date and don't even go out to celebrate with my friends. Just like today, I accompany my parents to Ulu Yam to meet their friends.

Oh yea, I also went to trim my hair for the second time, at the aunty's place. If I'm not mistaken, I just had my hair cut 4 days ago, and now I let her trim again for me.

So, how's your Valentine Day?

2 inner voice(s):

Florence said...

Dono why i m so enjoy for my valentine day..haha although i dun hv a bf !haha!
hope u enjoy too..aha

samanthacje said...

my valentine's day lousy! :S