Monday, February 2, 2009

The Element Gang

Out of boredom, I've created this.

I don't know what should I name this, but considering this as something I make for this group of people who have this similar naive thought, the element gang.

Well, I was somehow forced to post this picture, since I personally think that my Photoshop skill is not as great as some other people and also, not creative enough, I just did it for the sake of doing it.

But anyhow, picture posted and here we are, The Element Gang. 

It's all started with 2 lame individual who suddenly have this thought of creating the element group. Starting with the lightning and water element, and slowly the fire, earth, ice, metal, rain, wind, rainbow and finally the rock element. What a lame group right? But well, it's fun though being part of the team, even though we don't really create or produce power, it's just for the fun of it!

So if you are interested, perhaps you can go to Ms Penguin's blog and inquire about the remaining element slot. Have fun people! 

So... How's your Chinese New Year? Mine sucks! >=)

4 inner voice(s):

Chester said...

I'm working during CNY :)

TZ said...

dude, I got 5 elements but no gang ... I'm solo... muhahaha :p

Gideon Yoong said...

eyy happy cny man. why did it suck?

Ban said...

>.< Hopefully next CNY will be better