Monday, June 8, 2009

Love-Hate Situation

Undergoing a love-hate situation now, if you ever understand what I mean.

My mood had gone down these few days. I felt lost and lazy suddenly. Seeing that all of my classmates are fighting in the war (of assignments) but I am still here blogging. Nope, not that I've finished everything, in fact not even a per cent done, what a procrastinator? I am like the King of Procrastination now!

Kudos to what I am capable with! How "proud" I am of myself!

Saw the picture above? What do you think? Is it nice? Was helping Taylor's in creating a new brochure. First of all, thanks Alan for choosing me and had fulfilled part of my dream. Thanks Remic the photographer taking nice pictures for us. Thanks to the other models/new friends, you guys had made my day (that day). 

A nice experience, looking forward for the new brochure!

6 inner voice(s):

CeCh said...

love it =)
my friend was in the brochure. the light blue one.
his name is peter davidson.

- c H i E n - said...

Is it my connection or something? I only saw the photo! Anyway, congrats that u've been chosen to do the brochure, you must have got quite a talent there too! =) I am looking forward to joining Taylors, more practical work that mimic the real life more, your blog has proven it true I guess. =)

And thanks for your compliment. Though I wouldn't quite say I am talented myself.

Btw, everyone has been a love-hate situation themselves. I don't know much about your story so I can't give you advice, I guess it involves a girl? Haha! Cheer up man... Life is too short to get all emo for other people.

Danny said...

its alwasy nice to work in a team.. a good team i mean..
cheer up :)

renaye said...

love the photo!

Anonymous said...

taylor student!
haha.. =)
all the best to the new brochure!

aaronng88 said...

oh wow. u're the new brochure kid =) congrats kekekekeke