Friday, June 19, 2009

Another (possibly) Conned Incident

WooHoo! Assignment’s done and my semester is officially over! I need a job, anyone hiring? Preferably some job relating my course, hopefully I get it.

I was happened to be in college today after coming back from Mid Valley, setting up for the Education Fair tomorrow. Yes, I’ll be working this weekend during the Education Fair. Come look for me if you want, spot me around Taylor’s College booth.

I took the KTM home from college today since I was not allowed to drive to Mid Valley. As usual, I need to go through Carrefour and that is when I encounter this (possibly conned) incident.

As when I walking directly under the red hot sun, a (/an Indian) guy stopped me and he was asking me whether am I a student from Taylor’s College. Later he kept asking me whether I am taking Computing, Hospitality or any other courses. I told him I was a Communication student and then he started his story:

According to him, he was from North India (or somewhere else) and he came to Malaysia, LEGALLY, a month ago. However, the Immigration Officer treated him as one of the illegal immigrants and sent him to one of the detention centre, beaten him up (he showed me his upper arm wrapped with bandage), took all his money and his cell phone. Leaving him his empty wallet with a picture of Jesus and his daughter, together with a Cross necklace.

He kept assuring me (by showing me the Cross necklace and the picture of Jesus in his wallet) that he was not lying and he was trying to prove himself that he used to work opposite my campus, taking care of the cars at the temporary car park. He told me that he needs some money (about RM 8 something) to take the KTM back to his wife and daughter.

The tone of his voice was very pitiful, as though he was about to cry. I did not think too much that time, and I felt bad if I just ignore him at the moment. I gave him RM10 and refused to provide him any information for him to contact me (even though he asked for my number). I only told him my name as he insisted for it, so that he can pray for me.

I’ve been bothered by this incident. I don’t know whether I am doing a good deed or not? Or whether is he telling the true? It will be very stupid if he was telling a lie, it means I’m easily being cheated. But if he is telling the truth, then I will feel disappointing towards the Immigration Officer, how can they treat people like him that way?

I chose to help him, never know what might possibly happen to me. If you were me, what will you do? Was I wrong giving him RM 10? I don’t know myself.

10 inner voice(s):

::. Anton ::. said...

I would hv done the same and gave him the benefit of the doubt.We sld give whenever we cld afford to.
After all, 10 ringgit can't even buy us an ice-blended. Nevermind about the thought of being cheated, you did a compassionate gesture. ^_^


samanthacje said...

hmm i guess there's no harm in giving the rm10. anyway u might not know whether he really is facing whatever he told u or not, so i guess u did the right thing?

however if i were u i don't think i'll give him anything. lol

Stephy: said...

Hey jason, only one word I can find to describe you; BRAVO! You know nowadays the world is a little bit different or “scary”. Sometimes we cannot even differentiate whether it is a genuine case or a lie. If I were you, although im a Christian, I may have doubt whether to help this person or not. If I’m not alone, I may just offer him RM10 and go but if im alone, I think I will just walk away because you really do not know what will happen especially to a girl. Guys are still okay bcos at least they are more alert and know how to protect themselves but still, you need to be cautious also.

Come back to your case. You don’t have cracked your head to think if you are doing the right thing, as long as you got the peace, you are doing the right thing. Sometimes God do send people to test us, who know you might be one of the chosen one that God wants to see your heart. :) Don’t think so much, ya. God will surely bless you for the good deed you’ve done. said...

well.. you wont know whether he's being truthful or not.. anyway.. its best to try to help him..

you did a great deed! (if he's being truthful) =)

- c H i E n - said...

Well, you have given the RM10 out of good intention. So don't worry about whether it was a wrong anymore. In fact, it is not. You have done your part. It's up to him to do his. You won't change his life just because of RM10. He is the one who is going to change with your money. Whatever that happens, it's not your fault.
You've done a great deed. =)

sean said...

oops..i kena the same case same guy last few month.. hmm..anyway just thought is a blessing..

-GiNo- said...

wah u actualy gave him money !!!
well thats good for u
but... bare in mind u gave 10 bucks dat time whole ur wallet tighter
just afraid he might snatch
if not mayb he is a good guy who knows right...
but i support ur motion as its for its a act of selflessness
well if it were me
i will ask bak him ask to give money oso
hahaha coz i seldom bring alot of money out
the most rm20 hahahaha

Debbie said...

Don't doubt what you did because it was DEFINITELY good.

Whether he was lying or not, that's between him and God.

God will, however, reward YOU for YOUR good deeds.
Don't worry about it.
Because you definitely did something great. :)

renaye said...

i'm not surprised if we have that kind of immigration officer. u know there immigration officers selling refugees on the black market for USD 40 per head... let alone about beating up some pendatang haram??

anyway.. don't be bothered too much by the RM 10. only he and god knows what he is up to with the money. if he lied, god will punish him. if he isn't, u did a deed. no harm done.

i actually have done a similar thing when i was back in nz. and i had the same thinking like u whether i was an idiot to donate the money. but at that time i just hope that guy i paid his bus fare just got home safely to his parents.

Takashi said...

i will never ever give cash to unknown people (except buying things)...

i can write about my experience in the coming days :)