Monday, June 29, 2009

4 Days 3 Nights "Break"

4 days 3 nights Bali trip, at this very season, seems dangerous and risky but what can do? All the payment had been done long ago, bought the air ticket and paid the tour fair too.

Nope, I am still in Malaysia now even though the flight departed this morning. This 4d/3n trip was organized by my aunt and most of my relatives, including mom and dad had departed this morning and had safely arrived Bali (they called home just now), hope they enjoy themselves over there.

I guess I better stay at my friends' place for a week after they come back, they need to be quarantined after they are home, I insist. (Haha, joking~)

So yea, I will be having a 3-day "break" starting today, but during these "break" time I have to take over my mom's job in fetching my sister to-and-fro college, clean the house (as I am on holiday now) and stay home (as what they usually expect from me). However, I did went out today for a karaoke session with June and Sabrina at One Utama and headed back to Inti, Subang to fetch my sister home. Anyways, so sorry June about tomorrow, I'll miss ya!

Lifeless, but at least I was out. Had dinner with my sister at Carrefour food court (of all places) and had a very short shopping there. Bought a bottle of orange juice and some chocolate milk, ready to serve anyone who drop by my place.

So you wanna come over for a packet of chocolate milk?

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Danny said...

it seems that u are very happy with this break huh?
enjoy the break then :)