Friday, June 12, 2009

Screaming Moment

I thought screaming can help distressing myself, that's why I feel like screaming. However I am at home now, so if I started screaming, my parents will definitely slap me. (Tried that once though, when I was young)

Anyways, allow me to wish Sue Keng a belated birthday! I was surprised that my mom actually allows me to go out at night (11.30pm) for a short-surprise birthday celebration with Sue Keng. Reached home around 1am that day. First time =)

Finally finished my Advertising and Media Context final assignment. A total of 3800 words major essay! I hope I fulfilled the requirement and at least pass the assignments, I don't wish to retake any of these subject for goodness sake!

Introduction to Digital Media's 5-page Webpage on Monday & Principle of Broadcasting's 10 journals on Tuesday. I can only utter "OMG" for knowing the truth. The truth is always cruel! Sigh~

Think positively! My holiday will start (unofficially) once I hand in my POB journals!! Yippie!

3 inner voice(s):

Seng Hoo said...

You're quite a grown teenager yet you still need a mother's consent to go out at midnight? HAHA.

Anonymous said...

stressed? go drink! =P

renaye said...

i scream once in a while to destress.. singing is also a good way. :)