Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quote of the day

Well, if you ask me what I am doing now, my answer will be "I don't know". Seriously, being useless and do nothing at home is no fun. If you wish, I can start all over again with my “maggot friend” story and begin fantasizing myself being something that is not existing, which I don’t wish my one month semester break being ended off like that.

So what should I do? Seriously, I can’t really go out to enjoy myself, I can’t find a good company for internship (c’mon, who wants to hire a worker for just a month?), I can’t sit down and do nothing and I don’t want to look at the computer for the whole day!

But what I’ve done so far was, playing Facebook game and reply some comments in my blog. For almost a week!

Wanted to start playing with Photoshop but I just don’t have the motivation and determination to do so. I need something to ‘jump-start’ my working brain cells, anyone has a set of jumper cables? Sorry about the randomness, I am reaching the cuckoo stage real soon!

Talk about me and my randomness, I wanted to tell you guys something real random. Well it was yesterday, I have nothing to do and I start doing the same thing I did on the day before, where I logged into my Facebook account and started playing some games, then I started Googling for more mini games and I found thing extremely random card game where its power raises if you win the round pardon me, last night, I have nothing to do, so I started drawing some random comic and I actually ‘mentioned’ Michael Jackson (well, not exactly mentioning him, was just saying that I don’t wanna be him, no offence), and I got the news today that he had passed away.

Erm, random right? Let me tell you another quote by Scott Westerfeld (2004), “Sometimes the facts in my head get bored and decide to take a walk in my mouth. Frequently this is a bad thing.” Anyways, let’s move on, shall we?

So, why am I still awake now? It’s currently 1.35am and yet I’m blogging here. By right, I should be in bed now. But forgive me, I just had supper, that’s why I don’t want to go to be now. Haha.

Forgive me for whatever I’ve mentioned today. I’m just tired and bored.

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