Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Failure

Actually I was wondering whether to update today or not, but since I forgot to do something early this morning when I blog, so I decided to do it now, again, here.

Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary to my beloved Mummy and Daddy.
Yippie ! (wondering why am I so happy as if it's my anniversary)

C'mon, this is a very important date for my parents okay, and as their only son, I should have done something for them, which I failed to, so this is all I can do, for now.

Presentation this morning was not as good as I thought. I expected better. I expected a smooth presentation without much mistakes. I expected I can do better than before. But I failed, again. I am such a failure.

Feel tired. But what can I do? I have some readings to be done for tomorrow's MLIT in-class examination. I hate it when I got not enough sleep. Dozing of in the bus during my journey back home is definitely not enough for me, I need more time to sleep, and I don't feel like reading. Stab me please !

Another thing I feel like stabbing myself which is when I found out that my hair actually curled after I had paid so much to straighten it ! I can't believe it curled again after like... two days? Oh my gosh ! ROAR man ! My hair sucks ! My appearance sucks ! Presentations sucks ! Brain sucks ! What else? Oh yea, EVERYTHING SUCKS TO THE MAXX !

Sweat. I can be damn lame, but then it's all facts. Do you want me to give you a fact sheet about me?

Sorry, I am blur now, not sure what am I typing.

Oh yea, Ms Usha did said that I could have done better, I already have all the definitions, and the presentation was good. Means? It's not really that great without all the other possible facts that I can include into my slides right? You see, I told ya it's not that good ! *grabs a knife and start stabbing right at my chest, where my heart located*

To compare with the other members who presented today, I guess I am one of the worst presenter. My fellow classmates probably have graded me P1 or P2 for my presentation. *continue stabbing*

Okay la... I actually feel like continuing my entry, but no point posting something irrelevant. Somemore I am sleepy and have readings to read. So, bye-bye !

2 inner voice(s):

William said...

Now that you mention it, I have not celebrated my parents' wedding anniversary since 1997-- the year my Dad passed on. We would always go makan2 and it fell on the same day as my birthday.

You're not a failure la, you just like to regret past actions?

J.C. said...

I am so sorry about that. Hope you don't mind reading my entry.

Anyways, still wanna say thanks to you !