Monday, September 8, 2008

Presentations & Assignments (Version 2.0)

Assignments after assignments, presentations after presentations, projects after projects... I am just going to die due to all the pressures I am getting. Another presentation coming up tomorrow on the title of Fragmented Identities (in Taiwan), and yet not even 1% complete again. Gonna die tonight, and might follow Fleur's footstep by staying awake whole night and have a cuckoo day tomorrow... ROAR~

Gheez. I sounds so Florence, or maybe, Diana. *laughs*

Chatting with K3l and Kyo now, while waiting for my turn to use the toilet. Daddy gone to China this afternoon I suppose when I was still in college. And I will not worry too much that my dad will knock on my door asking me to go to sleep at 2am while I need to keep myself awake to finish off my presentation. Luckily ! *grins*

So many things to do la. GS presentation for tomorrow will kill me first. If I manage to get through that presentation, then I will have in-class examination to go for, then RFP assignment 2 and some articles to bring.

Knock me out, please !

Oh yea, I totally forgotten about Ms Shereen ! I have not been meet her up for more than 2 weeks and I guess she has a lot of work for me to do. Once I done assignments and presentation I need to suffer through another work, oh my ! Can faint already!

Ooohhh~ Guess what? Sam messaged me in MSN. And my sister had just came out from the toilet.

Okay la then. I shall stop here. Might be blogging early morning tomorrow, which is 12am. I might be complaining about my presentation. Hehe ! Anyways, good luck people !

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