Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I did mentioned that I will blog at 12 in the morning, which I failed to do so, as I was still doing my presentation slides until 3 in the morning. Consider done for my presentation slides and now I wish I will not be panic and nervous during the presentation, and manage to grab my fellow classmates' attention as they are going to grade me as well. Have to act confidently. Somehow, I think it is impossible. But since I am the first presenter, I think they will still listen to what I am going to say, if it's not that boring.

By the way, thanks Kelvin for accompanying me over the night/morning. Good luck in your exam !

In the Media Hub now. Waiting for class to start and hopes get over with my presentation as soon as possible. However, my day is not over yet, if I manage to survive through the presentation, as I said in the previous entry, I will still have other things to do, for instance, in-class examination for MLIT tomorrow, which I have not read anything... yet.

Ewww, some fishy smell is surrounding the room. Guess it's from the clogged toilet bow. Oh yea, one think before I forget, feel like saying sorry to Joanne as I don't feel like doing the tag she tagged me. It was like freaking long and I am lazy for your information.

Back to my assignments.

Besides having an in-class examination, I have one more assignment and another task to do which is due on Friday. RFP assignment 2 on link paragraphs, slug, and intro writting, and have to search for one article written by a Malaysian and an Australian journalist on the same issue and conpare it. Articles have to be prepared by Friday.

Today is Tuesday, and I thought it Friday. Was trying to be smart earlier and told Casper that's the reason the college is so empty today. But since today is just Tuesday istead of Friday, where are all the other students? I better get some sleep before I mistaken some other things else, was planning to take a cat nap during class though.

Alright. I will be stopping here, have to continue reading chapter 9 of my GS text book. Ms Usha might ask us question on that topic, that's what I heard from the other group. Cheerio !

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