Saturday, September 13, 2008

Liverpool vs Manchester United

An information for you guys before you start reading my not-so-interesting football-related entry, just wanna let you guys know that I am not a football person. I don't fancy football, I don't play football, I don't read football news, I don't watch football match, but what you know? I did watch a full match today, and I suppose this is my first time watching from the beginning till the end of one who match. And obviously, the title about already tells you which match I watched today.

The reason I watched the match was quite random.

Well, both my aunt and uncle came back from Australia few days back and we kinda have a small family reunion in my youngest aunt's house. Both uncles and all my cousins are football fans and obviously, they will not want to miss the match. Three of my cousins and their dad are Liverpool fans where as my uncle from Australia was the only Manchester United fan around. 

Before the match started they were already sitting apart and trying to compare which is the best group and ways to prove they are really a fan of their particular supported team. 

Then the match began.

Everyone who were watching the match cheers whenever there was a mistake, an accident, an almost-goal scene and of course, when it goals. Even the ladies who were having their ladies talk turn around and follow the match whenever we cheer. Yeap, WE (including me) cheer.

At the end of the match, Liverpool beat Manchester United 2-1 and of course, uncle from Australia lost and keep searching for excuses to defend for his favorite team. What a funny moment. And as for me, I do watch I do cheer, but I am not sure who is the best. I heard a lot from my friends about Manchester United and Liverpool, I just don't get it who is better than who. 

Well, this match did make me feel like watch football from now on, but I am still quite blur with the rules and regulation and also, which team to support. Well, which is your favorite team?

2 inner voice(s):

Brenda Ang said...

MU's better than Liverpool. Liverpool didn't win against MU for ages now. 8 clashes back, which means in 4 years already. MU won 5 of them and 3 were draws I think. Ronaldo's not playing for MU the other night! I supported Liverpool(the other night), haha. Watch it on a very very big screen, was exciting.

Am a gunners! Arsenal's fan :))

calvin said...

Man Utd. Period :p