Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Problem

It's quite funny when someone always ask you something (normally questions about your life) but never believes your answer. Then what's the point asking? And I am getting irritated with the connection at home, it is freaking slow and causing lots of problem to me, making me even more irritated.

Bah, forget about it first, before I start cursing.

I lost my mood today when I was in college. So many things happened and so many problems surrounded me, giving me pressure and burden to carry. I can't stand it. Internal and external factors are driving me crazy and I feel like slamming my head onto the wall, NOW !

What else? I am getting sick with those people who can actually smile in front of me but talk bad about me behind my back. What we call that again? Oh yea, a hypocrite right? Or whatever you call them, don't care la. I just don't know who to believe anymore. You guys seems so nice to me, giving me hope and happiness, showing me that I am not alone and there are always friends to depends on. However, when you turn around, behind my back, showing your true colour by back stabbing me, talking bad about me... I just don't know how much I 'appreciate' it and don't even know how should I 'thank' you.

Stress. One of the things I can get from college besides knowledge. How wish I can switch to another college or straight away fly to Adelaide and start a 'whole new life' over there. A sweet escape from troubles and problems. What? Sounds like an ostrich? Well, what-ever la ! I don't care anymore.

Let's say, do you think I can fix my problem if I keep quiet and act serious the whole time?

Tired and feel like sleeping now. Good night.


Updated on September 17, 2008

Was so sleepy last night that I forgot to post about what happened yesterday. Class ended at 2.30 pm and it was awfully boring. I did not pay much attention during class and was quiet the whole while, meditating. Sherry asked me for karaoke earlier before class so I decided not to do anything (as in assignments) and follow her, together with Teck Weng to Reb Box at Pyramid. 

The whole session was quite fun. We were supposed to end at 6.30 pm but ended up with a free extended session and keep singing until 9 pm. We sang for about 5 hours straight without resting. Haha, and this is my first time going karaoke with 3 people and get to sing almost every song non stop for 5 hours.

Reached home around 9.30 pm and rushed to the college library to return some books I borrowed 2 weeks ago, since I will not be free tomorrow and I suppose the library will not be operating today.

Cheers !

1 inner voice(s):

JinJin said...

Problems like these usually occurred. I do face them in college as well and yeah, sick of it. If they wanna be such hypocrite and be jealous of you or whatsoever, let them be lar. You are who you are, be yourself. =)

What you can do is remain friends with them. But you know who your true friends are. =)

Btw, my exam ended yesterday! Woohoo so happy. Hehe. And oh, family gatherings are important, you know, to not let the bond disappear over time.

Cheers! =)