Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lame Questions

Kinda moody now. Even though I tried not to be moody but I just can't help it. Sorry friends.

However, I am in a mood of asking some lame questions. Do you guys dare to take part answering it?

Question 1
There is a Black Cat and a White Cat playing next to a dirty drain. The White Cat accidentally falls into the drain and saved by the Black Cat. What did the White Cat says to the Black Cat?

Question 2
There is a pond with 10 fishes in it. One died and had been taken out. Why did the water level of the pond raises still?

Question 3
Which artist isn't afraid of the rain?

p/s: answers will be revealed a few days later and hint for answers, it's LAME, don't think it rationally, haha ! AND please leave your answer in the comment area NOT my Cbox. Thanks :)
p/p/s:No present for those who got it correctly, unless you want my kiss, which is not worth it.


Answer 1

Answer 2
Because the other 9 fishes cried

Answer 3
Rihana, because she has an Umbrella

5 inner voice(s):

Sammuel_Chan said...

Answer 1: Thanks black cat! If not i'll be same as you! black LOL

Answer 2: hm.. very tough question, since there is no other evidential facts, lets just assume it rained?

Answer 3: An artist that is hydrophobia

Darren said...

i'm gonna answer the first one.

white cat says to black cat-

"You r already black no worries bout getting dirty. :P"

3POINT8 said...

1) Great job Buddy! (with a sarcastic voice) I missed my lunch now. The fish is gone now
2) It is raining
3) Rain (Korean popstar)

Jeffro said...

muahaha.. this was my, at one point, the same questions that I had asked my friends...

LOL! man, the lameness is being spreaded around.. XD

k3lv1n87 said...

very funny !!!
hey more more question !!