Friday, September 12, 2008


Talk about weird things happen in our life. We have lots of weird experiences, weird friendship, weird assignments, weird dreams, and whatever la, you name it. Have you ever encounter one yourself? I bet you did ! I have this really weird dream last night, or more like this morning and would like to share with you. Have you ever dreamt of something weird like this? You (in this case, will be me) actually befriended with this little, bright lime green dragonfly and it sticks with you all the time, no matter where you go, on your hair. Just imagine an ice-cream stick got stuck on your hair with elephant glue applied on it. That's the similar feeling when you are trying to remove it from your hair, I meant the dragonfly.

Funny thing was, the dragonfly got angry, went aggressive and gone rampaged when I was trying to remove it from my head, and it keep attacking me until I got something to catch it and throw it away.

That's weird. Really weird.

Okay, let's escape from this freaking moment. Ask you guys a question. What do you guys normally see on the ground after the rain? Not the rainbow. Not the pile of water. Not gold. Can't get it arr?

Okay, have you guys heard of this proverb where it says you may see a lot of mushrooms grow after the rain, which bring meaning like you may be able to do something more effectively if you are in a positive situation or something similar. Do you know what is the proverb again? Either in Chinese or Malay?

So my question again, what do you guys normally see on the ground after the rain? Yeap ! You are right ! Mushrooms ! Haih~ My acne are just like mushrooms after the rain, keep popping out due to lacking of sleep and stresses of the assignments as well as presentation. Can die. I hate it when these is happening, as it is uncontrollable and it will keep pooping out just for the sake of popping out.

What am I talking now? Guess I am crazy.

Kinda sleepy now. Feel like sleeping. Tonight will be going out with my friends to celebrate early moon cake festival. Hope I will enjoy myself and get to know more people la =)

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